Jan 28

Green smoothies — quick food AND vegetables without noticing

Food. The perennial problem. What to eat? By the time I realise I’m hungry it’s too late to do proper cooking. And I’m really bad at eating greens even though I know they’re good for me. If it’s green , it’s got magnesium in it, right? Yup. (See the amazing Webexhibits online museum, curated by Michael Douma: Why do some plants appear green?) And magnesium takes part in umpteen reactions in my brain/body. So I need it. But veg is often a bit of a pain to prepare.

Well, I just discovered green smoothies. In fact, I was getting myself inspired by Fabienne Fredrickson, and there she is, in her office, with a green smoothie. That set me off on a net trawl, and here’s the result.

  • A good handful of berries — strawberries, blueberries, cherries, fresh or frozen — whatever the supermarket is selling under the heading of Black Forest Fruits, or Summer Fruits or whatever in the freezer section
  • A small banana
  • About a cup of rice milk
  • Powders of your choice — whey protein, vits/mins, D-ribose (for de novo synthesis of ATP)
  • A heaped teaspoon of cocoa (it looks like chocolate milk shake in the end, so why not make it taste like chocolate milk shake)
  • Two good handsful of spinach.

Put them in the blender in the order fruit, liquid, powder, spinach, whizz it all up and drink. Not too quickly! It should hit the sides on the way down, and ideally I “chew” it a bit — basically, swirling it round in my mouth, nice — to get it mixed up with some digestive enzymes.

But Gillian, it’s not green. No, it looks like chocolate. That’s why I added the cocoa. But it does have lots of green in it. To make it green, I guess you have to use green/yellow fruit. Will tell you when I get there.

To be honest, it’s not hugely filling, but I always feel instantly better — more brain power, somehow. And that gives me the chance to prepare something a bit more substantial to eat.

BTW, the link to Fabienne’s green smoothie video is here and you have to watch for about 3 minutes or so, till she gets back to her office, to see the smoothie. It’s a sales pitch so be aware of that fact — I think she’s OK, though.

Last thing. You can’t sit around and relax while you drink the smoothie. You have to wash up the blender straight away. Otherwise it will sit for days and there will be no more smoothies.

I’d be really interested to know if you tried out the smoothie and what you thought of it, or if you have more recipes! Do leave a comment below.