Mar 30

Just do it! Just do it??? Don’t tell me to “just” anything!!!!

My coach Andrew Lewis sent out his newsletter the other day, and in it he mentioned the derision that the slogan “just do it” tends to produce in most people with ADHD. He’s right!!

Where do I start? There’s “just”. And “do”. And “it”.

There’s no “just” about “doing” “it”! First of all, you have to decide what the “it” is. What, out of all the rich myriad of possibilities that your wonderfully connected associative network of a memory suggests to you, are you going to address?

Then, you have to decide what you are going to “do” to that “it”. Or whatever other action you feel like carrying out.

And then, and this is the really difficult bit, you have to “do it”. “Just” doesn’t feature on the same planet here.

Let’s suppose you’re really up and activated, have had your coffee, got a good night’s sleep, in other words, you’re on good form. How do you gather your skitter-scattering attention on to the thing you’re just doing for long enough to actually get somewhere with it? How do you get over the first 45 seconds? Once you’ve done that, of course, you’re into hyperfocus and away. But try getting there!

More often than not, you’re not at all activated. You need to “do” something to activate yourself before you can “do it”. And now we’re into circular territory. How do you do something to get yourself activated to do something when you’re not initially activated?? Where does the impetus for that first “do” come from?

Well, you can get someone to hassle you — your mum, a friend. You can jump up and down and increase your activation level — this does sometimes actually work. (See blog post on IF inactivated THEN go for a walk. This is a rule, not a discussion point. Coat on, out of the house NOW!) You can get a coach and practise with them developing your own motivation — and this often includes doing something fun and enjoyable first (shock, horror) so that you finally swing into action, your interest and arousal levels increase, and then you can contemplate AND carry out the transition to the thing you’re going to “just” do.

So simple. Why don’t you just do it?

Add to my list of things that get me/you activated in the comments below. Please!! I’m always on the lookout for new ones.