Nov 16

Sometimes you have to use logic

I felt sick. Totally sick. As though my body hadn’t seen a vegetable in weeks. I’d actually just eaten a carrot. But I felt awful. I had a bunch of things to do, was recovering from a virus, felt weak and weedy, I knew I needed to get the food situation sorted out (plan some meals, buy some food, implement the plans…), I wanted to make some gluten-free bread so I could have scrambled egg on toast for breakfast, the kitchen was a tip, the counters cluttered, no room for the bread machine. I felt sick and overwhelmed.

It felt as though my brain was skittering around all over the place looking for somewhere to hide. I wanted to lie down and sleep. (Sleep? Before 2am?)

Guess what? I recognised this situation. Done it before. Hurray. There was something I could do. But I didn’t feel like doing anything. Recognised that situation. Done that one before too. The answer was unpalatable. Use logic.

I knew it wouldn’t take that long to do the washing up. I knew that when it was all washed and in the drainer it would be quite a small amount. I’d been in the same situation many times before. I hate washing up after all.  Logic said: do the washing up; it won’t take long; it won’t actually be that unpleasant; you will feel much better afterwards; between now and starting it you will kick and scream like a grouchy toddler, but that doesn’t negate the truth of points 1 to 4.

So, big breath OUT. Kick, scream, move the first thing out of the sink. Hah, that can go in the dishwasher. Oh, and so can this. And this. OK, hot water, swish out the sink, wipe down the draining board….. and Charlie’s your aunt – it was done. Then, same process. Bread into bread machine, all utensils washed. Dashed to computer to start writing. Feel much better. Can have scrambled egg on toast tomorrow, and that will set me up for the morning and then I can do the next task – clear out the fridge and make a shopping list?

ADDers (oops, almost-ADDers!) run so much on emotion. We absolutely hate doing some really, really trivial things. Boring, to us, makes us kick and scream and want to do absolutely anything else. No, not the washing up! The worst thing on earth! It’s not. Sometimes you have to use logic.

Does anyone else have a similar way of strong-arming themselves into doing something that’s not particularly rewarding? Tell me — leave a comment!