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Mar 30

Just do it! Just do it??? Don’t tell me to “just” anything!!!!

My coach Andrew Lewis sent out his newsletter the other day, and in it he mentioned the derision that the slogan “just do it” tends to produce in most people with ADHD. He’s right!! Where do I start? There’s “just”. And “do”. And “it”. There’s no “just” about “doing” “it”! First of all, you have …

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Mar 22

When your activation temperature is approaching absolute zero, whaddaya do?

One of the most common problems that my friends with ADHD (and me too) tell me they have is getting motivated. They have things that they want to do but they just can’t make themselves do them. (Actually, delete that word “just” from the previous sentence. See a later blog post.) We all talk about …

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Nov 16

Sometimes you have to use logic

I felt sick. Totally sick. As though my body hadn’t seen a vegetable in weeks. I’d actually just eaten a carrot. But I felt awful. I had a bunch of things to do, was recovering from a virus, felt weak and weedy, I knew I needed to get the food situation sorted out (plan some …

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